Why You Should Take a Trip With Your Friends In College


Everyone always says that college is the best four years of your life. While in school, you definitely develop very strong friendships that are defined by all of the challenges, fun experiences, and triumphs that you go through with each other. It is normal to develop a group of friends that you are closest to, whether or not you want to define yourselves as a clique.

This group of friends is always down to spend a Friday night together, binge watching romantic comedies while sipping a few glasses of wine and debating whether pineapple pizza should be a thing. This group of friends always does each other’s makeup for special occasions and is there for each other when the going gets rough. And while going to frat parties, downtown bars, and occasional day trips with this crew is totally fun, it can also be a bit repetitive.

It is important to keep on introducing exciting activities to do with your close group of friends. One recommendation is to invest in at least one nice vacation with this group of close friends. For example, going to a resort, on a cruise, or even just spending the week at your parents’ beach house over winter or spring break can be a really fun way to experience new things with your friends.

This trip will also allow you all to bond outside of the confines of your school and can even foster deeper and more meaningful friendships between each group member. And don’t forget, the incredible memories and rib- aching laughs that are experienced during a trip like this will be remembered for a lifetime.


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