Winter Vacation With Royalty


The Swiss Alps are probably one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to travel to. Though you can have the best time here if you choose to come on summer time, no question about it, winter is the high season here with snowy pathways, warm hotels and more snow sports than you can handle. The Alps are one of the most peaceful and serene places you can visit in your life. They are known for their calmness and natural beauty un parallel to anything seen before.

Housing the tallest mountains of the Alps the Swiss side of the Alps is well known to be number the one destination for royalty. During the Summer time, you can go and enjoy the breathtaking view and use the high altitude hotel pools, but winter here is the peak season when you can go and practice practically any winter sport known to mankind. The hard to reach luxury hotels can give you any service you could possibly want – from high-end spa to a delicious dinner, and rooms you won’t want to leave.

Now, when we say royalty, we mean it. As this is the number one spot for real-life royalty. The regulars here are Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton – basically the entire British Royal family. You might get the chance to see lovable Kate in one of her ravishing dresses and hats. Or have a drink with price Harry himself. Dare you miss the chance of that happening?



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