Woman Claims She’s Having Sex With Aliens to Create Hybrid Babies


Bridget Nielsen is a member of the Hybrid Children Community, who aim to bring forward human evolution by having sex with aliens to produce an army of super human-alien hybrids…

Whoa whoa, let’s start this one from the beginning.

Bridget Nielsen thinks that aliens have been harvesting our DNA for years, in order to create a race of hybrid children that will one day take over the world. She says she’s already been impregnated with one of these hybrid babies, and she enjoyed the experience.

Bridget also acts as a medium and liaison to other hybrid mothers (yes, there are more of them) and claims to have had as many as thirteen hybrid babies with another mother named Aluna Verse. She shares some pretty explicit stuff about what happens when you get impregnated.

“It was great. It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience. There was a real freedom and we were really going for it. It was the best sex I ever had.”

Could, could they teach us some moves?


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