When In Miami, You Need To Visit Wynwood Arts District


If you consider yourself to be someone who enjoys a good work of art or just loves being in trendy places surrounded by other people who enjoy a good work of art, consider traveling to the Wynwood Arts District, located in Miami Florida. The Wynwood Arts district offers a variety of shops and restaurants all with an artistic and vintage twist.

During the day, you can go to the Wynwood Arts District and marvel at all of the amazing graffiti walls that the district has to offer. The streets are lined with super cool designs contributed by local and national graffiti artists.

There is also a spot called the Wynwood Walls that are famous for their artwork. Here, you can typically find people posing for Instagram worthy pictures.

During the nighttime, however, the Wynwood’s Art district becomes alive with a variety of different bars. One of the newer bars, El Barrio, is a Mojito bar that features mostly rhythmic Latin music. If you are ever in the area at night, you should definitely head to El Barrio, or the neighboring bar, Shots. And while you’re there, make sure to check out the tasty coconut mojito at El Barrio.

The Wynwood Arts District is one of Miami’s most well-known tourist destinations because of all of the beautiful graffiti and art.

However, the culture extends beyond the graffiti and can be seen in the cool mix of visitors and locals, the market and food trucks that are there some days during the week, and the nightlife that the area offers as well.



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