Your Own Private Island


Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise. This is a barefoot luxury in a setting that’s just about as exclusive as it gets. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands.

Have you ever dreamed of going away from it all? No, we mean really away, as far as possible, where no one can reach you. Necker is the ultimate hideaway spot, this private island owned by Sir Richard Branson is a resort, and yes the whole island is a single resort that can accommodate up to 28 guests. This is as private as it can get, many celebrities choose this location to hold their wedding or birthday. Activities are private parties, some wildlife and a lot of sun. Wondering who are the celebs that prefer to keep away from the crowds? No surprises here as Richard Branson himself like to go and rest here.

To top it all, you will most certainly bump into someone famous, as this private setting is preferred by many celebrities. You will also see on the guest list stars like Kate Winslet, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg.


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