3 Benefits You’ll Get if You Vacation in Your Local Area


Everyone loves jetting off to an exotic new destination and discovering a whole area, province, or country they’ve never visited before. However, for lots of reasons this isn’t always possible, and sometimes we need to vacation closer to home. Rather than viewing this as a negative, embrace the positives—as there are lots of them—and start seeing local holidays as an exciting, adventurous option. Here are three big benefits of vacationing closer to home, which should help to completely convince you that everyone should try it at least once.

Spend Money on Activities, Not Travel

If you’re only driving an hour or catching a local train to your vacation destination, you can set aside more spending money for trips out to restaurants, lovely treats such as spa visits, or for spending on some gorgeous clothes you’ve discovered in a new store. Although flying to far-off places is exciting, it is also really expensive, so saving this money means you may have more to spend while on vacation.

Use Your Time Wisely

Flying to a destination uses up a lot of our precious holiday time. From the airport wait to spending the first few days getting over jet lag, sometimes flying can eat up the majority of the time we spend away. If you’re traveling locally, you will have more time to actually enjoy being on holiday, and you can focus on doing the things you enjoy rather than whiling away an afternoon in an airport lobby or in the passenger seat of the car.

Enliven Your Area

If you’re vacationing close to where you live, there’s a good chance that you will discover exciting new areas, shops, restaurants, and activities that you can carry on using even when your holiday is over. Staying close to home is a great way to refresh how you feel about the place where you live, so if you’re starting to feel like you’ve seen and done everything in your local area, try vacationing nearby to explore as much as you can.


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