3 Best Hygiene Products for Traveling


Many airports have stringent restrictions on your liquids allowance, which can make packing for a trip away tricky. Being limited to a set amount of liquids often means leaving some of your essential skincare products or cosmetics at home, which can leave you feeling a little too bare-faced when you’re on vacation. Get around this issue by replacing some of your liquid products with trusty solid options, so you’ll have room in your liquids allowance for everything else you need.

Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoo bars have been around for a while now, and as well as saving on your liquids allowance when flying they’re also a great plastic-free option. A little goes a long way, so one shampoo bar will certainly last for up to a month.

Face Cleanser

Just as a solid shampoo can work wonders at cleaning your hair, a solid face cleanser can be just as effective as a liquid option. Most health stores offer a range of these bars, formulated for different skincare concerns. Just lather a little in your hands before applying thoroughly to your skin and then rinsing off.

Solid Perfume

Perfume can sometimes feel like a luxury on vacation when the liquid allowance is so small. You can sidestep this issue by choosing a solid perfume. Simply dab a little onto each wrist or on your pulse points, rub until it melts into your skin, and voila! You will smell divine all holiday, without having to turf your favorite moisturizer out of your liquids allowance.


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