3 Countries to Visit to Learn About Ancient History


Ancient history is something that fascinates many people. Learning how civilizations from thousands of years ago operated is so exciting, and what better way to do this than by heading to countries that have exciting historical sites that help us better understand these ancient peoples? Here are some of the best countries to head to in order to enjoy these exciting learning opportunities. 


The ancient Greeks have had such a huge influence on many parts of the world today, and evidence of their impressive existence can be seen all over Greece and its islands. With incredible temples and theatres dotted around, there are also museums to help educate us about the history behind these sites.


This country in South America has plenty of sites that show off the fascinating lives of the ancient people there. The Incan citadel of Machu Picchu is known by people all over the world, but there are numerous other stunning places to visit to understand the intriguing history even better.


This East African country is regarded as one of the oldest countries in Africa and there are loads of preserved sites to explore today to learn more about the lives of the ancient people there. The city of Askum boasts incredible tall, carved obelisks from ancient times, and there are also castles, churches, and temples to visit to build a picture of the ancient civilization there. 


Hannah F
Hannah F
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