3 European Destinations With the Best Landscapes to Draw


Traveling is the perfect way to see some beautiful areas and stunning sights. While it’s lovely to simply take these views in or photograph them, it’s also amazing to be able to sit and draw the area around you. If you enjoy landscape drawing and want to head to Europe, then here are some areas that are perfect for enjoying this creative, mindful activity. 

Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for being one of the most picturesque countries in the world, with incredible mountains and stunning lakes. There are so many gorgeous alpine towns and villages to visit to enjoy the views and culture, but Interlaken provides some of the best sights which are perfect for capturing in a drawing. 

Lecce, Italy

Another country that’s world-famous for its beauty and culture. There are so many areas that are amazing travel destinations, and if you’re looking for a stunning coastline with beautiful old buildings then Lecce in the south is perfect. The medieval town will be ideal to replicate in a pretty landscape picture. 

Bran, Romania

Romania is less well-known but is still regarded as one of the most beautiful countries by those who know it. Bran is an area that includes several villages and is based in an area with rugged hills and cliffs and stunning dense woodland. Bran Castle is the perfect subject to capture in a drawing, with its lovely detailed architecture and incredible landscape surroundings. 


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