3 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Bristol, UK


The UK is a super popular travel destination for people all around the world. While it may be small, there is an exciting range of attractions on offer, from beautiful landscapes to buzzing towns and cities. Bristol is a city in the southwest located on the River Avon and is a popular place to live or visit. Here are just three reasons to plan a trip there. 

The Harborside

Having a waterside area in a big city is perfect, as it creates a special space that is perfect to chill out in. There are plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as incredible galleries and museums to explore, or you can simply wander along by the water and watch the boats bobbing around. 

The Nightlife 

Bristol has a unique culture and atmosphere, and a big aspect of its identity is the exciting and varied nightlife. Whether you want to head to a cozy folk music gig, a standup comedy performance, or an intense dub and techno rave, there will be something to entertain all tastes. 

The Downs

As well as the water, something that makes Bristol stand out is the Downs. Based in the hilly area of Clifton, this sprawling green space is perfect to head to for a relaxing stroll or picnic. You can walk across the incredible suspension bridge which looks down on the River Avon and from there access the huge Ashton Court and Leigh Woods where you will forget you are even in a city at all. 


Hannah F
Hannah F
Hannah loves traveling and having new experiences. She is happiest when enjoying the wonderful outdoors and walking in nature, but also loves a cosy night in with a book or film.
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