3 Foods You Have to Try in Munich, Germany


If you’re visiting the Bavarian city of Munich, you’ve got some culinary treats ahead. From rich stews to fried potatoes to some of the best pastries and desserts around, Munich specializes in full flavors. While many of the local dishes are meat-based, there are options for vegetarians, so make sure to explore the city’s bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. Here are three dishes you need to try when you’re in the capital of Bavaria.

White Sausage

These unusual-looking sausages are made from a combination of pork, veal, and various spices. While they may not be to everyone’s taste, many people love them for their savory flavors. They pair perfectly with some mashed potato and a beer on the side and are often served as part of a Bavarian breakfast.


When you buy a fresh pretzel warm from a Bavarian bakery, you will realize that you’ve never had a proper pretzel before. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these are sometimes served stuffed with cream cheese and chives, but they are just as good with nothing on them.


This rich dish features egg-based noodles dressed in lashings of creamy cheese sauce. It is sometimes served alongside another dish, such as stewed pork, but is often enjoyed on its own. A green side salad is a recommended addition to the plate, as this delicious dish can get a little overwhelming!


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