3 Practical Tips For Traveling On a Budget


As exciting as it can be to travel the world, it does cost a pretty penny. Obviously, some trips are more expensive than others, and there are many ways to manage your expenses. If you’re someone who’s trying to save money, yet you also are absolutely obsessed with traveling the world, here are a few helpful tips that’ll allow you to travel on a budget.

Public Transportation

The first thing we’d like to suggest is that you don’t automatically opt for Ubers or taxis in order to get around. There are many different excellent public transportation options in a handful of cities, and this will save you a lot of money.

Street Food

This is another big elephant in the room when it comes to saving money on trips. Quite often a big part of traveling is getting to eat at all sorts of fancy exotic restaurants. But the truth is that you can easily taste the local cuisine without breaking the bank, and opting for street food instead.

Tuesday Booking

This little tip is something that many people don’t know about. When it comes to booking flight tickets, opt for flights that leave on Tuesday, because they’re usually much cheaper.


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