Best Place to Sit on Your Next Flight


You’ve chosen your dates and booked your flight, and now the time has come to select your seat on the plane. With so many options, it might be challenging to know which seat is best. Here are the best places to sit in order to get the optimal flight experience.

Best Legroom

If you’re looking to stretch and get the most wiggle room possible, then a seat in the exit row will serve you best. There may also be the option to get a premium seat depending on which airline you’re with. While it will cost an extra fee, your improved flight experience may be worth the money.

Extra Space

If you enjoy the idea of stretching out thanks to having a free seat next to you, then you’ll want to sit near the back of the plane. Normally, people rush to grab seats near the front of the plane, so a seat near the back is the ideal place to book as the odds of having someone next to you will be lower on a quiet plane.

Traveling With Kids

If you have a baby, then a bassinet seat is a game-changer. Usually, these are the front seats with extra legroom, so you’ll want to make sure to book these seats early.


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