3 Reasons Why Fall Vacations Are the Best


At a time when many of us are planning our summer vacations, there are lots of reasons why waiting for the fall can result in a superior experience. From lower prices to fewer crowds to more bearable weather conditions, fall vacations can trump summer ones in almost every way. If you’re still not convinced, check out these top reasons why booking a fall vacation may just be the best decision you make all year.

Better Deals

It’s a well-known fact that prices of flights, hotels, and hostels rise in line with demand. Getting away from it all in high season (which typically means June through to August in the northern hemisphere) can cost you significantly more than an early spring or fall break, so if budget is a concern wait until September or October before booking that trip away.

Fewer People

Tourist hotspots across Europe can become uncomfortably crowded during the summer months. Whether you’re trying to get a gondola ride in Venice, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, bag a spot on a Greek beach, or wander the streets of London, anywhere that’s popular and beautiful is likely to become overcrowded during a summer vacation. However, if you visit these same destinations in the fall, you are likely to find far fewer visitors, leading to a more relaxed vacation.

Cooler Weather

Over recent summers, temperatures in parts of Italy and Greece have become dangerously hot, leading to wildfires across several regions. These temperatures are not only dangerous, they can be incredibly disruptive to your trip. By visiting warmer climates in the fall, you can avoid uncomfortable heat and the disruption it causes.


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