3 Things to Do in Marrakech, Morocco


Marrakech is a large, vibrant city in western Morocco. It is one of the most visited parts of Morocco and has some incredible things to offer. This exciting city is a wonderful place to head to for a unique and refreshing experience. While visiting Marrakech, here are three things to add to your itinerary.

Explore the Marketplaces

In this bustling city, you’ll find winding mazes of marketplaces known as souks. There are stalls selling all kinds of exciting items, including traditional pottery, pretty jewelry, and handmade clothing. If you want to buy some souvenirs or gifts these are perfect, but they’re also simply fun to wander through and soak in the ambience. 

Visit Some Gardens

The climate in Morocco creates the perfect habitat for an abundance of glorious plants and flowers to grow. Dotted throughout the city are plenty of stunning gardens showcasing the best of Mother Nature. If you’re a fan of botany this is the perfect activity, and even if not then they offer a wonderful calm space to relax in. 

Take in the Historical Monuments

Spread across the city you will find some incredible buildings and sites from different points in time. From the Bahia Palace and the Koutibia Mosque to the Saadian Tombs and the city ramparts, there are so many places to visit to enjoy the beautiful architecture and learn about the fascinating history.


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