3 Types of People You Sit Next to On a Bus


We all have had to ride a bus at some point in our lives. Whether you ride it every day on your way to work, ride it in the mornings on your commute to your University’s campus, or just ride it while traveling in a foreign country – riding the bus is most cost-effective and convenient, most Americans have experienced bus rides of some sort.

And with the continued and excessive use of busses, it is interesting to note the three types of people who may sit next to you.

The first type of person to sit next to you on the bus is also the most welcome. This person sits next to you when there are no other seats available and hugs their belongings close to them, being careful not to make you uncomfortable by invading your personal space. This person is typically pretty normal, if not slightly germaphobic, and will be a respectful bus ride partner.

The second type of person to come sit next to you on the bus is the kid with extremely loud music blasting through his or her headphones. This person gets on the bus, extremely distracted by their music.

They may accidentally trip on a few people while making their way to the seat next to you and will most likely plop down on the seat, without regard to if the bottom of their jacket lands on your lap.

The third type of person to sit next to you on the bus is the talker. Maybe this person has had a rough day and needs to vent, maybe they are trying to sell you their mixtape, and in the worst case, maybe they are trying to preach to you about religion.

Whatever the case, you are stuck with them for the ride so might as well respond to them with kindness.


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