Can You Guess the 5 Greenest Cities in the World?


Urban centers around the globe are making strides toward sustainability, but some cities have taken the lead in becoming exemplars of green living. From vast green spaces to innovative recycling programs and pioneering energy solutions, here are five cities that stand out. Can you guess them?

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is aggressively pursuing becoming the world’s greenest city with its “Greenest City 2020 Action Plan,” focusing on enhancing green infrastructure and expanding public green spaces to reduce its environmental footprint.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is powered almost entirely by renewable resources. Geothermal and hydroelectric power provide virtually all of the city’s electricity and heating needs, making it a leader in clean energy utilization.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is working towards becoming carbon-neutral by 2025, supported by its extensive bicycle infrastructure that encourages over 60% of its population to cycle daily, drastically reducing reliance on cars.


Nicknamed the “Garden City,” Singapore intertwines lush, expansive green spaces with urban life. Its ambitious “City in a Garden” initiative and the Gardens by the Bay are prime examples.

Curitiba, Brazil

Recognized for innovative urban planning since the 1970s, Curitiba has one of the pioneering recycling programs. Plus, its integrated transportation system prioritizes efficiency and sustainability, setting a benchmark for cities worldwide.


Alisa G
Alisa G
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