3 Ways to Top Up Your Protein Intake on Vacation


If you’re currently focused on hitting your gym goals or building muscle, you will be well aware of the need to consume enough protein to ensure that your body is adequately fuelled and that you’re ready to build muscle. Going away on vacation can often disrupt our exercise and nutrition routines, but there are simple ways to ensure that you’re eating enough protein on holiday—check out these great natural sources of protein to include in your vacation diet.

Fish and Seafood

If you’re heading to a coastal destination for your vacation, there should be plenty of great fish and seafood options around. Fish is one of the best forms of protein, and oily fish will also provide you with brain-boosting healthy fats, too. Stock up on tins of sardines and mackerel in the local supermarket on your trip, or dine out on fresh prawns, mussels, and seafood.


Many different cuisines around the world use yogurt to boost the flavor and nutritional profile of sauces, soups, and dishes. Whether you opt for a tasty yogurt bowl for your vacation breakfast or seek out yogurt-drenched salad options for lunch, including this versatile ingredient in your vacation diet is a great way to maximize your nutritional intake.

Ice Cream

While gelato and ice cream may not be the healthiest options, everyone deserves a treat on vacation! Good quality ice cream will be high in dairy, meaning it will provide a protein boost, as well as deliver some calcium and other essential nutrients.


Lily F
Lily F
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