5 Unexpected Things That You’ll Have to Pay for When Staying at Hostels


Hostels are often hailed as the most affordable accommodation option on the market—but there’s a catch! Their low price tag often comes with many unexpected expenses, and you should be ready to pay extra for these five things if you decide to book a room at a hostel.

Bedding and Towels

It’s a good idea to pack a towel when staying at hostels because they’re often only available for rent. Some hostels will also ask you to pay extra for bedding, such as sheets and blankets.


Some hostels offer complimentary breakfast but don’t expect it to be free. You’ll often be asked to pay an additional fee for a breakfast buffet, so consider eating outside or doing grocery shopping if it’s cheaper.

City Taxes

Pay extra attention when you’re making your booking, since some hostels are required to collect city taxes. These fees are pretty small, but they can add up, especially when you’re traveling on an extremely low budget.

Fun Activities

Even if the hostel you’re renting is advertising tons of fun activities, from boat tours to pub crawls, keep in mind you’ll usually have to pay extra to participate in some of them.

Lock Pads

Staying at a hostel dorm usually means you’ll have to use a locker to keep your belongings safe. Consider bringing your own lock pads because hostels often provide them with an extra charge.


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