This Japanese Bar Is One of the Craziest on Earth


For a long time bars are no longer just a place to serve cocktails, instead of bringing you your favorite drink they have to sell you a whole experience, introducing the theme bars which began showing around a decade ago. Themed bars are a fun way to mask the authentic bar experience and make it more fun than it normally is. Themed bars often sell to their customers based on the experience they provide, and with themed bars, it attracts a niche group of people who enjoy that particualr experience. 

Creating storylines along with your drink such as sixties hippie or jazz days bars. Imagine taking this conceptual bars to Tokyo, where the Japanese are known to take every American idea to the extreme with a touch of some weirdness.

The Alcatraz ER bar in Tokyo is the extremist of them all. Its theme involves a prison and a hospital in one place, are you already confused by now? We are too. You are the patient.


The waitresses are dressed as the type of nurses that exist only in Benny Hill re-runs. They handcuff you, pretend to inject a giant needle into your rear, and then lock you in a cell. Occasionally, the staff will “accidentally” open your cell door and it’s your mission to go screaming around the restaurant in a wheelchair evading the outstretched hands of other prisoners.

Floor shows amp up the weirdness to nuclear levels, with homicidal clowns menacing patrons with plastic weaponry and the drinks are served in giant syringes.


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