3 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip In Iceland


Iceland has one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. From volcanic fields and geothermal hot springs to massive glaciers and stunning fjords, its natural beauty is unparalleled. But that’s not all. Here are three compelling reasons to take a road trip to Iceland.

Nature Like You’ve Never Seen

The country’s famous Ring Road, or Route 1, encircles the entire island, making it possible to experience a diverse range of landscapes in just one trip. Highlights you won’t want to miss include the powerful Gullfoss waterfall, the geothermal area of Geysir, and the stunning basalt columns at Reynisfjara black sand beach. 

Up Close With Wildlife

Iceland is also a fantastic place for wildlife enthusiasts. If you get lucky, you may encounter native Icelandic horses during your road trip. Whale-watching tours are also available in several parts of Iceland. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended!) There’s so much to see.

Culture and History

There are many historical sites to visit. The Þingvellir National Park, for example, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can walk between two tectonic plates and explore the birthplace of the Icelandic parliament, one of the first in the world. 


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