Best Tablets For Travel


From reading ebooks to watching movies and finishing some work away from the office, a tablet can go a long way in keeping you connected. Here are some of the best tablets you can get if you’re looking to keep in touch with the outside world while on vacation.

Apple iPad Mini 2021

With its 8.3-inch screen, the iPad Mini is highly compact and perfect for tucking away in your overnight bag. Still, don’t think that this handy device isn’t as capable as its larger counterparts. If you enjoy working with an external keyboard and stylus, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s compatible with a wide range of Apple accessories.

Oukitel 10-inch Android Tablet

For Android users, this Oukitel tablet will certainly do the job. With its 10-inch screen, you never have to squint at the fine print, while its powerful battery provides 900 hours of battery life on standby and 15 hours for videos, meaning that you won’t have to charge it while you’re on the go.

Amazon Fire 7

This simple tablet is easy to use and affordable. Still, it doesn’t skimp out on any features. While you’ll be able to watch all of the movies you want as well as listen to music, you’ll be connected to the Kindle app, meaning you can enjoy all of your favorite ebooks wherever you go.


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