Austin Should Be Your Next Weekend Trip


Texas is one of the coolest states in the entire country. From major cities to small towns, Texas seems to have it all.  Austin is the capital of Texas and offers a variety of activities to do when you’re visiting in town for a bit.  The rich and upcoming culture of Austin thrives off of the popularity of music, American raceways, the bustling University life, and an abundance of beautiful nature, despite being an urban space.

Austin offers a wide range of activities that anyone can enjoy. From outdoorsy type activities to History museums, Austin has it all. One of the most well known landmarks of Austin is The Texas State Capitol.  The building is huge, decked out in beautiful red granite, large dome, and historic marble floors. There are about 17 other monuments to visit surrounding The State Capitol along with beautiful gardens, a nice gift shop, and a cafeteria.

However, for those who may not be extremely interested in the history of the City or its politics, another cool place to visit is the Barton Springs Pool. This pool is a  man made swimming pool that is filled with water from Main Barton Springs, which is one of the largest springs in the State of Texas.

The springs are a very popular destination, especially because of the 68-70 degree consistent temperature of the water. The Main Barton Springs are home to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander and is where Robert Redford learned to swim. This pool is an especially lovely place for families and friends to visit.

Austin, Texas definitely has a lot to offer besides these two recommendations as well. The music, nightlife, art, and food scene in Austin keeps getting better year after year, and it’s no wonder that this state Capitol is a popular destination among those travelling in the states.


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