Avoid Buying These Souvenirs On Your Next Vacation


When visiting a new location, you might get an urge to buy some local trinkets as a reminder of the vacation you enjoyed. Still, not every souvenir purchase you make is quite worth it if you’re looking to remain financially savvy on your travels. Here are some kinds of souvenirs that you should avoid buying on your next vacation.

Replaceable Items

Because many objects are available to purchase worldwide, don’t waste your money on products you can get back home. Rather focus on buying souvenirs that you know are authentic and local to the place you’re visiting.


Not only could some food and beverages expire before you take them out of your bag once you get home, but some airport security may decide to confiscate them depending on how strict their rules are. Furthermore, food can spill while in your baggage as you travel, making for a sticky surprise when you open your bags upon arriving home.

Consider Material and Size

Because there are baggage weight limitations, avoid buying heavy and bulky items so that you don’t incur any penalties. Also, make sure that you don’t buy souvenirs made from more fragile materials if you’re unsure whether they will break.


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