Where to Find The Best Shots in All of Spain


Europe is filled with a ton of fun places to grab a drink or two.  Whether you are looking to enjoy a casual sangria at a cute cafe, drink a beer at a local but, or have a steady flow of alcohol to get you tipsy at a local bar, Europe has endless options of alcohol destinations. From vineyards and wineries to cheap convenient store alcohol, there is never a lack of liquid that will be sure to give you a buzz.

One of the coolest types of venues to visit when you are traveling Europe are Spanish Chupitos bars. Chupitos translates to the word “shots”. Therefore, you guessed it, Chupitos bars are basically shot bars. These bars have hundreds to thousands of options of a variety of shots that are sure to get you buzzed. They offer traditional and simple vodka, tequila, and run shots while also offering a variety of others- some with unsavory or inappropriate names.

These shot bars also may offer a variety of specialty shots that can include weirdly shaped shot glasses or even flaming shots. These flaming shots are extremely cool because the bartender will literally set your drink on fire before your eyes.

Where to Find The Best Shots in All of Spain

This shot bars usually have walls detailed in their offerings and the atmospheres of these bars, although different depending on location, seem to be cool, trendy, and younger spots where people tend to go before they venture to the more popular bars and clubs later on in the night.

These shots offered are also not extremely expensive and usually, cost between 1 to 6 euros per shot. Therefore, Chupitos bars are not only inexpensive, but they offer quite an extravagant variety of options.


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