Beach Do’s and Don’ts for Your Summer Vacation


A lot of people don’t put much thought into how they behave at the beach and only care about themselves. However, this isn’t the nicest thing to do, especially on a crowded beach full of people who are looking for a relaxing day as you are. If you don’t want to be a bad guy and ruin everyone’s experiences, make sure to take note of the following beach do’s and don’ts on your next summer vacation.

Do Respect Other People’s Space

You probably want to get that great spot in the shadow or near the beach. However, if someone got there first, don’t try to squeeze yourself in. You will not only make them feel uncomfortable, but you won’t feel too great about being in someone else’s personal space as well.

Don’t Play Loud Music

It is only understandable that you want to enjoy some uplifting music while at the beach. But that might not be everyone’s idea of relaxation, or your taste in music might not be so overwhelmingly appreciated. Leave the speaker in your beach bag and get those headphones or earphones on.

Do Pick Up Your Trash

Leaving trash lying around will not only draw judging looks from other beachgoers, but it will also ruin your own experience. The wind or the tide will take that trash into water, and you’ll have to swim alongside it as well. So make sure to pick it up and secure it.

Don’t Spread the Sand

It sure is fun to kick the sand around. And there is no better way to remove the sand from your towel or blanket than to vigorously shake it. But doing so will spread the sand all around and get on people’s skin or even in their eyes. If you really want to do this, go to a remote part of the beach where there is no one around.  


Jas C
Jas C
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