Best Airbnb Alternatives You Should Try Out


Most travelers turn to Airbnb when looking for accommodation and places to stay during their next trip. But while Airbnb offers some great options, there are also some drawbacks to the platform, like unexpected fees, over-demanding hosts, and a complex cancelation policy.

Luckily, there are plenty of Airbnb alternatives out there that offer a great service to travelers and are definitely worth checking out. provides a similar service to Airbnb but with several added perks. Here you can find great hotel deals and get all sorts of discounts and great deals if you use the platform often. Also, the listings on are more professional, and the service has a bigger international reach.


Vrbo might be one of the most popular alternatives to Airbnb at the moment. It only offers entire units for rent, so there is no possibility of renting a room like Airbnb. This reduces the number of listings, although the offer is still vast in major tourist destinations. The good thing about Vrbo is that it has lower fees, leading to better prices and much better customer support.

The Plum Guide

If you are picky about the places you stay, The Plum Guide is the best platform for you. It is known for its rigorous vetting process that ensures every property listed meets its high criteria. This can lead to inflated costs, but at least you will know that there won’t be any negative surprises that might ruin your vacation.


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