Best Hidden Gems Seattle, Washington, Has in Store for Tourists


Seattle, Washington, is home to many fantastic tourist attractions. But you won’t find all of them in tour guides and official flyers. Here are some of the best-hidden gems that the city has in store for tourists. 

Kerry Park

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Kerry Park often gets overlooked by tourists. This is a small public park that doesn’t have too many attractions, and it is a bit challenging to get to it. However, the reason why every tourist should visit it is the sights it offers. From here, you’ll get one of the best skyline views of Seattle, with Space Needle, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainier included.

Bruce Lee Grave Site

Many people don’t know that the grave of Bruce Lee, an iconic actor, and kung-fu master, is located in Seattle. Those that do visit his grave site located in Lake View Cemetery to give their respect. Lee’s son Brandon, who also died young, rests next to him.

National Nordic Museum

Those interested in Vikings and Nordic culture and art will have a great experience at National Nordic Museum. Honoring the heritage of Nordic immigrants in Seattle, the museum offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about Nordic people and their culture while checking out various artworks and objects from the region.   


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