Brazilians Are Starting To Embrace Baseball


When you think of popular sports in Brazil, soccer immediately comes to mind. Brazil has bred some of the world’s most popular and talented soccer players ever, but now there’s another sport making its way into the hearts of Brazilians.

Baseball is becoming more popular amongst young players in the country. But unlike the youth in countries like the United States, Venezuela, Japan and the Dominican Republic, the Brazilians don’t have many facilities and therefore the opportunities to make it as a big player in their country are slim.

But even though the sport isn’t the country’s favorite just yet, the Major League Baseball is planning to change that in the future. Back in 2010 they already established a national training center in the country and every year they organize an Elite Camp for 14 to 17-year-old Brazilian children as well.

Major League Baseball Hall of Fame member Barry Larkin (who also was Brazil’s manager for the World Baseball Classic of 2013 and for the WBC Qualifier in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2016) has been one the participant of these camps and is a true advocate of baseball becoming more popular amongst the Brazilian youth. 

“The kids who play soccer and then give baseball a try, they end up becoming skilled because they’re so good on their feet. It gives them a huge advantage. That’s why we’re hoping baseball can become a viable alternative, as opposed to beating your head against the wall (with soccer),” Larkin said during an interview.


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