Check If Your Hotel Has These 3 Luxury Amenities


Congratulations, you’re getting ready to plan a fun vacation at a hotel in an exotic country. As you start looking through hotels, it can begin to feel a little bit overwhelming. It all looks great when you’re looking at pictures of the hotels on the app, but here are three uncommon things you can look into that’ll give you a sign that this hotel is super legitimate.

A Spa

Now listen, there’s nothing wrong with a hotel that doesn’t have a spa. But if you’re paying top dollar and expecting to have a massage in your own hotel, it can be pretty disappointing when you learn that’s not an option. Make sure they have one before booking is that’s important to you.

A Smart TV

As common as it is to have a smart TV in your own home, it’s pretty uncommon to find one in your hotel room. Nevertheless, some hotels have them, and if they do it can really add a level of comfort to your stay after a long day.

A Bidet

Another great amenity that some hotels have is the presence of a bidet in the bathroom. It can truly make you feel pampered while you’re cleaning up, so it doesn’t hurt to call them and find out.


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