Check Out The Sandal Styles You’ll Want To Wear On Vacation


As soon as you’ve decided which clothes you’re taking with you on vacation, you’ll want to start thinking about footwear. Sandals are an essential part of most people’s vacation wardrobe, and this season there are many stunning styles to choose from. Here are three of the hottest sandal styles you’ll want to consider taking with you for your summer 2024 vacation.

Fisherman’s Sandals

There is something oh-so-cool about these strappy leather sandals, and to make them even more appealing, you’ll be able to wear them all day long in perfect comfort. A pair like this will look equally stunning with breezy linen pants or a long skirt, and you can wear them for evening events if you wish.

Platform Sandal

Although many of the shoe crazes in 2024 have focused on flats, that doesn’t mean that heels are entirely out of the picture. A cute pair of wedge platform heels will add a touch of elegance and fun to any vacation outfit. They are also more comfortable than standard heels, and you can even wear them on the beach if you want!

Ankle Tie Sandals

An ankle tie sandal signals summer like nothing else. Shoes like these are cute, fun and practical, all at once. Opt for a flat style to wear during the day, and then if you have room in your case you could also bring a heeled pair for evening events.


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