Cities with the Top Ranked Standard Of Living


Different cities across the world offer many different pros and cons to living there. Some cities are known for exquisite cuisine, a bustling art culture, or a relaxed pace of life.

Other cities are known for some less appealing factors such as being overly dirty, having rude mannerisms, or being extremely difficult to navigate. For those who are looking to move to a different city in search of a better life, here are some of the cities around the world that are the highest ranking in terms of their standard of living.

These cities are ranked in regards to purchasing power, safety, health care options, cost of living, property price to income ratio, pollution, traffic, and climate.

Chicago, USA

Coming in at 22 on the list is Chicago, USA. Chicago has the third best quality of life in the US, according to the Deutsche Bank.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain is also among the top ranked cities. Coming in at number 16, Madrid not only offers a wonderfully beautiful local culture and history, but also has the fourth best healthcare overall and an amazing climate.

Sydney, Australia

Coming in at number ten on the list is Sydney, Australia. Sydney is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and offers a great way of life.

Boston, USA

Boston, USA also made the list. This is because according to the rankings, Boston has the world’s second best ranking for purchasing power.

Wellington, New Zealand

And finally, coming in as the number 1 city to live in is Wellington, New Zealand. This city has the least amount of pollution in all of the cities that are ranked and also finished within the top ten rankings for four of the other categories as well.


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