Could Antarctica Be the New Ring of Fire


Antartica is a great big wonder we have on our planet earth. Though not inhabited by many, its fascination is due to its mysterious nature and vast empty land. It is also home to wildlife that does not exist in too many other parts of the world like the polar bear. It basically goes without saying that Antarctica is a land of wonders; it’s a literal desert that’s covered in ice. If the penguins, seals, and varying sizes and shapes of icebergs weren’t enough to convince one of Antarctica’s majesty, then perhaps the volcanoes will do the trick. That’s right. Volcanoes!

University of Edinburg researchers have discovered 91 volcanoes on the Western Antarctic ice sheet, and they believe there are more. In fact, they believe there are nearly 150 volcanoes spanning the West Antarctic Rift System.

At this point the exact number is a bit of speculation because the thick ice that dutifully covers the region makes it hard to map what lies beneath. Using satellite imagery and other mapping technology, researchers have gathered enough information to posit that some of these hidden treasures could reach heights of more than 12,500 feet.

Though there is much work, and much more discovering to be done, one researcher and glacial expert notes that this region has the potential to have more volcanoes than any other region on the planet.

Move over Pacific Ring of Fire! Whether or not these volcanoes are active or not is still unknown; only time and more research will tell.


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