Crazy Chinese Tourist Attraction is Not for the Faint of Heart


China’s Taihang Mountain range runs over 250 miles and through three of the country’s provinces. While they is a truly breathtaking sight to behold, the mountains are as tall as they are difficult to climb. As a result of the difficult mountain, a spiral staircase was built in order to climb up the mountain. 

Recently, the tourism officials in Linzhou, Henan province decided to make the mountains more accessible to tourists, so they came up with an interesting solution. There’s only one problem: you have to be younger than 60 years old to visit, and the reason why might make you a bit squeamish.

Nicknamed the “Stairway to Heaven,” the gigantic spiral staircase that soars into the sky in the Taihang Mountains of China’s Linzhou, Henan province allows visitors to view the landscape like never before. The tower is a whopping 300 feet high – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Visitors are required to sign a waiver vouching for their heart and lung health before they climb the staircase. Those over the age of 60 aren’t allowed at all! If you’re wondering why they didn’t just build an elevator, you’re not alone. Officials explain: “Here, the wind blows and batters them, the birds fly past them, the stairs creak. It is a lot more authentic than an elevator.”

So, if you’re planning on visiting China soon, make sure you add this staircase to your itinerary. Be warned: you might have to get in shape to climb it!


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