Drinking Can Change Your Accent


For those who enjoy spending some of their free time hanging out with their friends at a local bar or restaurant, sipping on a few cocktails, and engaging in good conversation have probably realized by now that sometimes, people’s accents get stronger with every alcoholic beverage that they drink.

Sometimes people may think that the reasoning for this is because people like to get louder and more expressive when they are intoxicated. However, there is some proven science that backs up the fact that accents do, in fact, tend to get stronger when alcohol is thrown into the mix of things.

According to Amee Shah who is an associate professor of health science at Stockton University, the consumption of alcohol compromises the part of the brain that typically moderates your inhibitions. Most people already recognize the fact that alcohol affects people’s inhibitions and causes them to act a bit more freely. But this doesn’t only have to do with actions. Alcohol affects pronunciation and will cause your natural accent to flow much more readily.

Drinking Can Change Your Accent

This is also another reason who pronunciation and language skills in a foreign language are typically better when you have fewer inhibitions. When you drink, this lack of inhibitions turns into confidence that you may not have previously had when it comes to feeling comfortable with speaking a new language. 

Another effect that alcohol may have on you is that you may be more likely to pick up your friends’ accents if you’re spending a bunch of time with them. Some people are more inclined to do this than others. For example, women are typically more empathetic than men. Because of this, they tend to be more likely to pick up the accents of those around them in order to fit in with their surroundings, according to Shah.


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