Essential Items to Pack in Your Beach Bag


If you’re heading to the coast for your vacation, then you’ll almost certainly be using a beach bag to keep all of your beach items organized. Here are some of the essential items you need to pack in your beach bag.

Travel writer Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon revealed that she always carries sunscreen with her as well as a water bottle and a long-sleeved shirt. Drinking water is important as you could get dehydrated in the heat, while a long-sleeved shirt will provide more coverage from the sun after you swim.

For travel business coach Rani Cheema, a beach umbrella is essential. This is because an umbrella provides maximum protection from harmful rays. Also, a backpack cooler can come in handy as an easy way to transport refreshments to the beach while keeping them cool.

Communications specialist Diana Bernal insists that a light-colored cap is effective for keeping you cool. Other important travel items she recommends are SPF lip balm, mineral sunscreen, and an electrolyte drink. Still, Diana warned that “I’m all about keeping my beach bag as lightweight as possible while bringing everything I might need for the day.”


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