Flight Attendants Reveal 5 Secrets Passengers Dont Know


Flight attendants answered the question “What don’t passengers know?” The answers were pretty surprising.

One of the flight attendants advised passengers to count the number of rows back to the closest exit. In a real emergency situation, it will be pretty hard to see where the exit is.

By counting the rows, they will easily find it. Another thing is that if passengers are told to brace for impact, they should place one hand over the other.

The top hand will protect the bottom one from the impact. So try to place the dominant hand underneath the other. Also, a flight attendant revealed that tables are rarely sanitized so don’t ever put food directly on the table.

Flight Attendants Reveal 5 Secrets Passengers Dont Know

The last secret was a bit disgusting. Apparently, when aircraft transport cadavers or body parts for hospitals, sometimes the carriers leak onto luggage.

We are not sure if we really wanted to find these things out. Sometimes, it’s best not to wonder too much and not to know these things. Maybe it’s best if most things stay secret…


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