Funky New Things to Try in LA


After having a stroll at the Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on your trip, make sure to visit these uncanny and novel spots when possible. Los Angeles nominates as a great pace to be this summer as you can have an all-in-one experience of beach and glam life at Long Beach, California and Hollywood, California.    

Check out the following locations that are accompanied by some exotic restaurants and bars along the way.


1. Underground Tunnels of LA: During prohibition, corrupt city officials ran drinking dens under the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.  

2. The Echo Park Time Travel Market: Non-profit time travel mart sells goods you would need for a trip through the fourth dimension.

3. The Museum of Death: World’s largest collection of serial killer artwork and other macabre exhibits

4. The Last Bookstore: This iconic LA bookshop is housed in an abandoned bank — both symbolic and chic.

5. Bradbury Building: The legendary building that needed ghostly approval before being built.

6. Griffith Observatory’s Tesla coil: High on a hill overlooking Los Angeles lives a world famous, high power conical Tesla Coil.

7. Old Zoo Picnic area: The Abandoned Zoo enclosures offer a perfect place to experience the other side of the bars.

8. Sunken City: A jumble of foundations, streets, and streetcar tracks inhabit the cliff where a landslide occurred in 1929.


Los Angeles, with its year-round pleasant weather and diverse selection of food and culture, should be a must-visit destination on anyone’s travel bucket list.

Enjoy the weather, beaches, diversity, live theatres, food, cocktails, magic, music, hiking, festivals, art, history, and architecture of Los Angeles, California this summer and indulge in the once in a lifetime experience of visiting this beautiful city!


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