Georgia Surpasses Hollywood in Movie Production


Would you welcome a zombie apocalypse on your doorstep? Your answer might be yes if you knew it was worth $9.5 billion a year to your community. The Walking DeadStranger Things and many of the Marvel studio productions, all chose Georgia as the backdrop to their recent movies.

Georgia, known as the Peach State, now has another string to its bow. It is a landscape of diversity, comprising of mountains and sub-tropical climes, This is what makes it an ideal setting for a wide variety of film genres.

It’s attracting so many film productions, Georgia has now overtaken California as the main state in the US for filming.

Tax incentives made attractive in 2008, saw a large increase in filmmaking and TV productions. Though that’s not all that Georgia has in its favor. It helps that their streets can look like New York, Paris or even Amsterdam.

Plus, local government departments, facilitate Georgia’s entertainment industry, whenever they can. For example, they allowed 140 roads to close, for the filming of car chases in Baby Driver (2017). 

“Who knew that a zombie apocalypse show would change the town of Senoia? They now have international tourists arriving all year round.” Georgia Film Office Deputy Commissioner, Lee Thomas, states.

Maybe Los Angeles is not the only place to be fame afterall, If a movie director knocks on your door asking to film the latest zombie apocalypse, in your community, then welcome them with open arms. Who knows where it might lead?


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