Germany’s Mystical Black Forest Is Amazing


Germany’s Black Forest has been unchanged for hundreds of years. This forest looks like a picture coming from a children’s book. The entrance of the Black Forest has a spongy floor of its low-lying woodlands.

Germanys Mystical Black Forest Is Amazing

This forest is a stunning place to live. It is a green paradise with cute villages with late medieval buildings. On top of it, there’s even a collection of cuckoo clock factories in the area. If all of this wasn’t enough to make you want to travel, beneath the Black Forest’s mountains are castles from a bygone era.

Germanys Mystical Black Forest Is Amazing

However, there is a dark side to it. The forest has clustered pines that instill anxiety. In fact, the Romans used to call the area “Silva Nigra,” meaning dark, murky forest. The imagination runs and connects the forest to images of evil queens gone mad with power, or supernatural counts who prey on nearby villagers. Despite the dark side, this is an incredible place to visit!


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