Head to These Places in the UK to See Amazing Fall Colors 


The UK may be small but it has some very exciting areas to explore, including some stunning natural landscapes. There are plenty of gorgeous old forests to visit filled with beautiful ancient trees and the intricate habitats they support. While these incredible woodlands are amazing to visit any time of the year, there’s something exceptional about visiting in fall when the trees change their colors. Here are some of the best places to go to see this awe-inspiring phase. 

The New Forest, England

This amazing ancient forest in the south of the UK is one of the most popular national parks in the country. The wide roaming woodlands are filled with stunning old trees and exciting plants, and the iconic ponies wandering around are a highlight. In the fall, this forest transforms 

Gwydyr Forest, Wales

This special forest is located in Snowdonia in the north of Wales. This whole area is well worth a visit and has some of the UK’s most exciting landscapes, and this section of woodlands is no exception. Visiting in the fall will allow you to appreciate the colorful range of beautiful old trees. 

Loch Ard Forest, Scotland 

This glorious woodland can be found near Loch Lomond in an incredible area of Scotland. Visiting in the fall will not only give you stunning sights of the golden trees, but you may also spot some exciting local wildlife such as deer, red squirrels, and capercaillie.


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