How to Dress for a Winter Break in London


London is renowned as a capital of style, so when you’re visiting the city you want to be looking your best. However, with the UK’s winter weather, this can be easier said than done, as you can expect wind, rain, sleet, snow, or a combination of the four! Check out these styling tips which will help you keep warm and dry in the UK’s capital, even as you tick several style boxes.

Style Hike

A big fashion trend this year has been dressing for the great outdoors, so packing a pair of hiking boots is a great way to look stylish whilst staying warm and comfortable. Try and find a lightweight pair if you want to keep your luggage weight to a minimum, or wear them on the plane and pack a lighter pair of shoes to wear indoors.

Merino Wool Thermals

If you want to stay seriously warm whilst looking stylish, wool thermal layers are your answer. You can wear a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved top under a pair of jeans and a shirt, so from the outside, you look on trend and stylish, but all the while you’re staying warm and cozy thanks to the thermals.

Waterproof Coat

Whether you opt for a waterproof trench, a duvet coat, or a parka, making sure you pack something that will keep the rain off is a must. Bring an umbrella, or opt for a hooded coat to keep your hair dry.


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