How to go on Vacation With Young Adult Kids


When you’re planning to go on vacation with your teenager kids, you already know they are going to complain the whole time. They are going to be bored and tired despite all your efforts. Don’t panic though! We found a way to make them happy and on a good mood with the perfect plan.

You need to make an extra effort because family vacations do matter and it’s a way to connect and bond with all the family members. Daily life is in fact chaotic and we don’t always get the chance to sit with our family and actually talk.

And let’s face it: You’re offering your kids a free vacation, how could they say no to free food and attractions? So do you know how to get the best out of it? First of all, ask your kids what they want to do. Get a cozy Airbnb instead of a hotel room so everyone will have his privacy.

Let them plan: Step back from the usual role of trip planner and let them do the work. They will know how hard it is to choose things that everyone likes and will appreciate more the activities. The experience will be amazing and you’ll laugh and talk about it for years.

One important detail: Don’t be overachievers, don’t expect to complete too many activities. You’re a family, there’s always going to be the tired one, the one who is late and doesn’t feel like it. Make attendance optional but try to include everyone.

Hang out with the family but let them have some alone time, after all, they are trying to get some time off as well. If you don’t know when to go, choose a period of a big occasion such as an important birthday. Don’t make everyone fit in one car, rent two smaller ones so that the group will be able to split up sometimes.


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