How to Have a Good Time While Renting an Air BnB Room in Someone’s Home


There are so many options for accommodation while traveling these days and Air BnB is super popular. Renting an apartment or home for your trip is great but can be expensive. Often a much cheaper option is renting just one room in someone’s home while they are also there. While this setup may not sound ideal to some people, you can still have an enjoyable time if this is your accommodation. Here are some tips to help it all go as smoothly as possible. 

Be Respectful

It’s good to remember that you are in someone’s home with them, and as such you should act in a way that is respectful to them and their lifestyle. If you act in a way that causes them any difficulty then you will be creating a negative feeling between you and causing unnecessary tension.

Work Out a Timetable

This doesn’t have to be super formal, but you could either ask them or simply observe to see what time they like to make breakfast and dinner so that you’re not getting in each other’s way too much. 

Use it as an Opportunity to Spend More Time Out and About

When traveling it’s great to experience the local life and explore the nearby town. With the money you are saving on accommodation, you should feel able to head to a restaurant or cafe for lunch or dinner instead of making it in the Air BnB kitchen.


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