How To Pack For Hostel Travel


One of the most exciting ways to travel in numerous countries in a short amount of time is by utilizing the hostels in the cities that you are going to. These hostels vary depending on price and location, but basically, when you rent a spot in a hostel you are really just renting a bed and a little breathing room. Hostel hopping, while exciting, is not for every traveler.

If you are someone that needs 5 suitcases of items full of clothes that you may or may not wear, maybe opting for a hotel to stay in would be a better option. However, if you enjoy adventuring on a budget and don’t mind re-wearing some of the same clothing items on nights out or excursions, a hostel would be the perfect place for you to stay.

Here is everything you need to fill a small suitcase that will allow you to travel easily from hostel to hostel.

For one, make sure you have all of your toiletries. Hostels may not provide you with soaps like hotels do, so pack small carry on sized conditioner, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, deodorant, etc. Then make sure you have any medications you need or any other necessary items.

Next, having 2 pairs of bottoms, one that could be made slightly more dressed up is essential. You will need something to sleep in, an adequate amount of undergarments, and 4-5 shirts.

Then you need a casual jacket or coat depending on where you are. If you stick with neutral colors such as black, brown, or tan, you will be able to get away much more with repeating outfits and mixing and matching clothes.


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