Hydra, Greece’s Car Ban Makes it a Magical Destination


Imagine a Greek island paradise bathed in sunshine, where the Aegean breeze whispers through cobblestone streets and the gentle clip-clop of hooves replaces the roar of traffic. This idyllic scene isn’t a dream—it’s the reality of Hydra, a car-free island gem nestled in the Saronic Gulf.

A Step Back in Time

Unlike many tourist destinations in Greece, Hydra has one very unique characteristic: a complete ban on motorized vehicles. This visionary decree, implemented in the 1950s, has preserved the island’s pristine charm and peaceful atmosphere. 

Exploring Hydra’s Charms

The main town, also named Hydra, is a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, traditional stone houses with colorful doors, and blooming bougainvillea. Without cars, visitors and locals traverse the island on foot, by donkey, or by boat. This only adds to the island’s charm and laid-back atmosphere. The waterfront is lined with cafes, tavernas, and shops, offering ample opportunities to enjoy fresh seafood, local cuisine, and the art of people-watching.

Beyond the Harbor

For the more adventurous, Hydra offers a network of hiking trails. These trails will lead you past charming villages, hidden coves, and idyllic beaches.  Kayaking and boat tours are popular options for exploring the island’s coastline and discovering hidden gems like secluded bays and secluded inlets.


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