Italy is Re-Opening Its Way of Love


When you think of Italy, you think of pizza, pasta, and romance. The European country has long been a destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways thanks to its gorgeous scenery, and now, there is one more spot for lovebirds to visit. 

Between the towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola in the Cinque Terre lies a path known as the Via dell’Amore. In case your Italian is not up to scratch, it means the Way of Love.

The 1-kilometer walk derived its name from being a secluded place for lovers from the two towns to meet. It has since become the most popular hiking trail in the Cinque Terre National Park. 

The Via dell’Amore has been closed for the last decade following a tragic incident that occurred in 2012. A rock landslide resulted in four Australian tourists being seriously injured, after which the path was closed for repairs.

With new safety measures in place, such as steel mesh to contain the rocks and a sensor system to monitor rock movement, the Via dell’Amore has partly re-opened to the public. 

At the moment, visitors can access the first section only via guided tours and will have to pay a €5 entrance fee to discourage over-tourism.

The Via dell’Amore is set to open fully in July 2024. 


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