Japan’s Cat Island Offers Friendly Feral Cats, but Masks a Serious Health Problem


There are 11 islands around the world filled with cats. This one is called Ainoshima, it is located in Japan and it is visited by lots and lots of people every year. The cats were originally brought to the islands by fishermen who were trying to regulate the rodent populations on the island.

Although the place sounds like an amazing spot for cats and cat lovers, apparently there’s a huge issue no one is talking about. Animal photographer Andrew Marttila visited the islands to take pictures of the cats, but ended up bringing awareness this very issue.

The issue we are talking about is related to health problems: the little kitties are experiencing it in their secluded getaway spots. “For us cat lovers, there’s something pretty special about an area littered with dozens of cats. What you’re not seeing, however, are all the cats and kittens suffering from very treatable illnesses,” Marttila told The Huffington Post.

There are no veterinarians on the island nor someone who takes care of them and the overpopulation of cats is becoming a real problem. Someone go saving those cats!


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