Leap Back in Time By Visiting Amish Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


When you think of visiting Pennsylvania, you might think of the major cities–Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. If you only stick to these locations, however, you’re missing out on some really unique opportunities! Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for example, has a super unique population. Yes, there are real Amish communities still living there. 

What is Amish Country?

Amish Country in Lancaster is the oldest Amish settlement in the United States. The Amish community is a group of thousands who stick to living a life of faith, simply and plainly. They also avoid using electricity, which means they travel via horse and buggy and churn their own butter. Yes, we’re serious! If you visit an Amish community, you’ll see a group of people that live in a rural area and rely on physical labor. 

What Can You Do in Amish Country?

There are so many things to do when you visit Amish Country. First, you’ll have to take a ride in a horse and buggy. Where else would you get that opportunity? There are also tons of other activities, like taking tours through the villages or exploring the shops. Don’t forget to try some of the food and maybe buy some homemade Amish crafts.


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