Cheap Places to Travel After College


No one should ever be too scared to go solo travelling. Solo traveling can be really fun, You just need to talk to people who have already done it in the past, and make sure you choose the right destination for you. the great thing about traveling on your own is that you have the chance to meet new people in a different way as opposed to meeting people when you are in a big group. For the second matter, we have collected the best and most sociable places to visit alone.

Belgium is a great destination, especially if you’re into beer. Just don’t forget that drinking too much on your own is not a good idea. Better make a few friends before starting to cheer! Apparently, there is a beer pool where you can literally swim. Be aware that the residents speak several different languages and that you’ll probably have to walk a little to get there. But then again: It’s a beer pool!

Another country perfect for this kind of trips is Australia. First of all, people there are English speakers (with an amazing accent!) It is a unique place to visit and you’ll probably make a lot of friends among those who are travelling just like you. Also, Australia is an entire continent so there’s no way you’ll get bored!Another option is Finland. It has great landscapes, outdoor cafes, festivals and on top of everything… SPAs! What are you waiting for? Go and book a flight!


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